Humane Society of Marshall County


A membership in the Humane Society of Marshall County is a great way to show your love of animals and dedication to their welfare. Annual memberships are available for everyone from individuals to businesses. Because the Humane Society is a he membership fee is tax-deductible.

Annual Membership Schedule

Business....$50.00 (25 employees or less)             Student.......$10.00

Business ...$100.00 (over 25 employees)                Family........$40.00

Individual     $20.00                                               Senior Citizen...$10.00

Sponsor      $_____________                                 Lifetime Contributors  $500.00

Membership Application

How to get a membership card.

The membership application takes just a few minutes to complete. They are available at the facility or simply give us a call at (270) 354-8738 and we'll send you one by mail.