Humane Society of Marshall County

Limited Admission Facility

The Humane Society of Marshall County originated in 1989. In 1992, the Society opened its original facility, assuming all sheltering responsibilities for Marshall County, KY. In Febuary 2003, the Humane Society became a limited admissions facility choosing to seperate itself from the county shelter. The now independently run Humane Society chooses to admit animals that can be placed in responsible, loving homes and does not euthanize animals unless they are found to be dangerous, diseased, or injured (beyond help). Owner surrendered cats and dogs are admitted on a criteria of health, personality and available space.



The Society sold its original facility in November 2004 due to lack of funding to perform extensive necessary repairs to the facility and the immediate surrounding area becoming a commercial growth area for the City of Benton which was not suitable for an animal sheltering facility.


In 2005, sixteen acres of property were purchased for the new facility. Upon completion of construction the new facility opened its doors in December 2006. The facility will continue to operate as a limited admission facility, admitting cats and dogs. There is additional acreage available to expand the facility to house large animals from neglect and abuse cases when additional funding becomes available.


The Humane Society provides yearly presentations on the importance of spaying and neutering to approximately 400 students in Marshall County middle schools each year. Other presentations are available upon request.


As a non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization the Society is solely supported by donations, the Calvert City United Fund, adoption fees, membership fees, and fundraisers. The Society receives no financial support or any other assistance from the county or any other governmental body.


The biggest challenges for the Society are funding and gaining community. It is important to note that the Humane Society is a completley different and independently run faciltiy from the Marshall County Animal Shelter.


For more information on the Society, or to obtain information on programs and services available to the community, call 270-354-8738(270-354-UPET). Donations can be mailed to The Humane Society of Marshall County, PO Box 531,Benton Ky 42025.

Purpose of "The Society"

Prevention of cruelty to animals

Reduction in the over- population of animals

Relief of suffering among animals

Extension of humane education

Policy of "The Society"

Provide animal care and treatment of unwanted animals

Seek suitable homes for animals without owners

Provide euthanasia only if absolutely necessary

Tax Exempt

The Humane Society Of Marshall County is a tax exempt, non profit organization.

Donations are deductible to the full extent allowed by law.